Ukrainian Women Scams: Lugansk, Donetsk

If you Google something like “Ukrainian women scam” or “Ukraine online dating scams” you are already in trouble or very close to it. Though not all Ukrainian women are scammers while relating to the romantic relationship with foreigners and there are plenty of real “happy ending stories”, there are also too many sad cases of Ukraine marriage scams online. Web is full of painful confessions from men dwelling in the US, Canada, Australia or other countries who have been seduced by Ukrainian women online as by Greek mythology sirens, first attracting them with their super beautiful looks and sweet romantic messages and then asking for money in all possible ways.

How Ukraine dating scam works

Let’s investigate how the scam scheme works and what to do or not to do to avoid troubles and disappointment while dating a gorgeous foreign lady online. There are plenty of online dating scam techniques already invented, but the majority of marriage scammers act typically. They ordinarily write the first sweet romantic e-mail and mass mail it to a man data base attaching their most awesome professionally made pictures. The majority of men do not react on such evidently spam e-mails. But there are always someone to reply the letter. Pareto Principle (the 80/20 rule) in action!

The initial sign of a scam e-mail is that a man gets a letter full of sweet interest from a completely unknown beautiful East European girl usually 20-40 years younger than him.If the man replies to such a sign of a pleasant sweet attention, he doesn’t even get personalized answers to his questions in the beginning of communication. Replies are general, the main focus is set on a girl’s story, usually a dramatic one. Especially thrilling stories full of soul-freezing details come, as a rule, from such turmoil Ukrainian regions as Lugansk or Donetsk, notoriously known from news as a war zone with Russian Federation. True, the situation within the regions under conflict is hard and very sad. Such regionally grounded letters often describe hardships of everyday life during a wartime. This gives a girl a rather persuasive reason to ask for help of a foreigner she has fallen for “so unexpectedly”.

As a rule, Ukrainian women are dignified enough to ask for money from a stranger. Therefore, when you do receive anything like” send me money ” request, it is most likely to be Ukraine online dating scam in full blossom.

But with a little common sense would you dare to come and save your beloved online dating girlfriend from the war? If the answer is NO, why do you react on her money requests of any kind? Can you really develop any happy future with such a girl?

Some girls do scamming solely, but most of them cooperate with indecent dating agencies of no scruples. There are even cases when a women is not aware her pictures are being used for online dating scams.

Be careful if:
– there’s a big age gap between you and your pretty Ukrainian online girlfriend;
– your lovable woman doesn’t want to show off on cam by any reason;
– she asks you about personal details like your position, what house/ car you have;
– she drops hints about financial support of any kind or gifts.

The best tip how to avoid any possible marriage or dating scam is, of course, critical thinking and collaboration with reputable and trustful agencies able to organize a visual online communication with a lovable Ukrainian woman and a dating tour to Ukraine to meet her as soonest.