Where Is Donetsk and Why Ukraine Dating Scams Usually Come from Here?

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In this article I would like to explain where is Donetsk Region in Ukraine and what’s really  going on out there. This brief update can be helpful to understand why there is a huge number of Ukrainian women scam ( look at belle femme ukrainienne) connected with this location.

Geographical outlines

Donetsk Region with the city of Donetsk and the city of Lugansk neighboring it, commonly known as ‘Donbas’ is situated in the Eastern part of Ukraine. This was a highly developed industrial area with coal mining, metallurgical, heavy machinery, building materials, chemical enterprises. Rather wealthy area in the past became a war ruin recently. Since 2014 this territory is being under an armed conflict between Russian Federation and Ukraine.

What are Ukraine dating scams in Donbas?

Why do we talk about online dating when discussing the region in war? Military conflict and everything related to it belongs to the topics all are afraid of. Western media paint it black, and keep showcasing the Russian-Ukrainian armed clash and consequences as a complete disaster. Such post apocalypse pictures accompanied by ‘true stories’ of local beauties with whom a foreign single man is in communication in the social networks or at the online dating site that are full of dramatic details can lead to a huge desire to help, support and save them.

Girls of beauty from Donbas that write to you an e-mail first on their own initiative know this very well. Women under disguise of the Donetsk online dating catalogue are either individual fake profiles used for fraud or Ukrainian women scam from online dating agencies.Such girls show you in color all the signs of love at the first sight making a mass mailing campaign with appealing letters and great pictures.

When you answer the email, you are already caught up in the Ukraine online dating scams. Step by step you will get engaged totally and start sending money to save your lovely one from her hard war circumstances.

To be clear, real people under war do not sit online with dating purposes. They are surviving by all means, but hardly they seek financial support through online dating. They, as a rule, are lack of internet connection or means to play games online.

Why Ukraine marriage scams in Donetsk Region are so popular?

There are always people who search for easy money. Ukraine online dating scams proliferate mainly because gorgeous Ukrainian women are demonstrated as a bait to catch rich foreigners.Western single men are full of hopes especially in their 55+ to  captivate a young twenty-year old beauty desperate for their love. Or wallet??? The war circumstances serve perfect background to beg for help, to appeal to your empathy, emotions and good-hearted feelings of all kinds especially when the call for help comes from the sexy youthful lips. Just before the moment she vanishes with your money into the thin air…

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