Internet in Donetsk and Luhansk Issue and Ukraine Dating Scams

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Unfortunately, Ukraine online dating scams are notoriously famous all over the world. There are several regions that even proliferate on marriage scams and human drama. Amongst them there is Donbas, including Luhansk and Donetsk regions in the industrialized Eastern part of Ukraine. The wealthy and well-developed in the past this area has been being under a military conflict between Ukraine and Russian Federation since 2014.

If you have met beautiful Ukraine women online and they stated they are now writing to you from Donetsk or Luhansk, it is most probably A SCAM. Why? This part of Ukraine is now in war. There’s lack of modern conveniences of all kind, not mentioning mobile or internet connection there to provide your online dating communication. Many citizens flew away from the occupied regions.The rest fight or survive daily. Do you really think people in war have time or desire for online dating?

If you are in communication with a local girl, and you are aware of the current local circumstances which will be your first and most crucial question to ask yourself?


If you are brave enough to proceed with a local girl, just ask yourself whether you are ready to visit her soonest. If you are still up to do it, you are welcome. But will she wait for you there?

As soon as war sceneries make a perfect political and emotional background to any kind of Ukraine online dating scam, please be aware: you are under attack!

Ukrainian scammers, individuals or dishonest online dating agencies have already targeted your sweetest part – your wallet, not your heart, sorry.

These Ukraine dating scams’ experts know well how to text you and which incredible pictures to send to you to provoke the reaction needed and further feedback. You will be asked to donate a helping fistful of dollars with every coming email from your beloved gorgeous Ukrainian scammer.

  • – Internet issues? «Please support me, darling!»
  • – Something happened? «I need you more than ever, honey!»

And more, and more and more other  bla bla bla good reasons to save your Lady from the hell of the civil war. The last but not the least: «Please, help me to flee to your country. Need money to give to special people who can take me out from this territory.»

Would you send her money?Do you really believe you would be able to resist her?

The other funny thing is as follows: if she herself, or a man in disguise, or an agency regularly mass mails hundreds of foreigners from their data base using pictures of the amazing Ukrainian beauty as a bait, because it is a business procedure, not true love. And many from the mailing list as you have already swallowed the bait. Are you the ONLY ONE WHO is saving this poor darling?

Hope this rather hard opinion on the Ukraine online dating scams make you think twice before appearing inside this dirty game or shed a new light if you are already in.

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